Maybe you are a GoDaddy user, maybe you have heard about it. Nowadays, GoDaddy has become in one of the most important companies which helps webmasters and developers organize and host their websites easily and economically.

But what you have maybe noticed is that there is no DDNS for updating the ‘A’ Record IP. If you do not know what an ‘A’ record is, basically it works like a routing way for finding the IP associated with a server. For example, suppose that you have bought the domain: but your server is running behind a dynamic public IP so after some time it changes. If you want people to access your website through that domain, you will have to make that domain point to your actually public IP, having this value updated whenever it changes.

As you may have notices, this is a “hard” work as you must be looking for any change on your public IP for updating the DNS ‘A’ records. Here it comes pyGoDaddyUpdater.